Library Management

“Library management system” (LMS) supports library functions such as requisitions, acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, budget management, Serials Control, Enquiry, Opac

Library management system

Library & Book Management Software covers Book, Journals & Periodicals Purchase, Accession Register maintenance, Binding, Bar Coding, Book Issue / Receipts, Stock Verification, Books write off, Stationary Purchase, Issue & Stocks, Donated Books, Book Scrap record etc.

Library management software module include reports like Purchase Register, Purchase Summary, Books Received/Issued, Books Stock Report Subject Wise, Author wise, Publisher wise, Library Member reports, Fine Calculation etc.

Key Features:

Integrated Multi-User Interface.Book Purchase, Accession Register maintenance and Payment.Binding.Bar Coding.Stock Verification.Overdue/ Recall Notices.Notices/ Reminders.Budget Analysis with MIS Reports.