Store/ Inventory Management

Inventory Stock & Store Management System

The features of Academics – Our Inventory Stock & Store Management System software module for College and Schools covers indenting of items, Quotation, Purchase Order Generation, Material Receipt and Purchase of materials, Issue of Items to sub stores, kitchen, electrical, furniture, education materials on internal requisition.

Inventory Management Software

It generates certain reports like requisition report, Indent register, Material Receipt report, Purchase register, Department wise issue report, Stock Ledgers etc.

The modular Academics-ERP Software Solution introduces the Inventory/ Store Management Module to keep you on top of all aspects of material management by ensuring that there is round the clock availability of sufficient stock.

Key Features:

Inventory Stock & Store Management SystemTransactions Related to etc. Purchase and Transfer.Inventory Stock & Store Management SystemStock Register , Current Stock Position, and Consumption Details.Inventory Stock & Store Management SystemDaily Goods Receipt/ Issue Register.Inventory Stock & Store Management SystemPurchase Order.Inventory Stock & Store Management SystemPurchase Order Status.Inventory Stock & Store Management SystemItem-wise Supplier Details.Inventory Stock & Store Management SystemShort Item Details.Inventory Stock & Store Management SystemPurchase Status, Item Issue, and Stock Ledge Details.